bry (quesodecorazon) wrote,

"oooh, youse all thick up in herrrrre!"
-my new best friend and hair stylist vanessa, commenting on the thickness of my hair.

i recently discovered my new favorite band: the go! team
their cheery bubblicious goodness has instilled a new sense of purpose in my life...
but actually, i am starting to feel really good, and they are the perfect soundtrack while i smile and strut down bruin walk :)

so things in the love triangle have straightened (for lack of a better word) themselves out, and i think that all of us will be happy in the long run as friends...

i realized that i have a mere six days to get all my eap stuff done... i am such a fucking slacker

i am sooooo stoked about next quarter, i'm taking a class called environmentalism: past, present, and future... yay!

for all you sacramento people, i cannot wait till i get to see you again, i am flying home on the SIXTEENTH! i don't know how long my initial stay will last, probably only a couple days, but i should be back again at christmas, and then again at new years.... i hope i can have another new year's eve squared party... because i have been planning it out in my head for like six months. i have recently decided on a theme though:


SO YEA... i love you all

and good nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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