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so i'm almost home!
thursday i will be returning to the backwater town that i call home for a brief stay of either two nights or three.

i have decided to have a dinner party in that brief time, and all my friends are expected to attend. i will be making *gormet* enchiladas and a full course yummy meal.

life here is moving along... work was going well until yesterday...
a table fucking walked out on me!!!
and my manager wrote ME up for it!!!
fucking bullshit.

so i just went home and got trashed and went to tigerheat and got to see the lack of hot guys that were in attendance.
fun times.

last day of class today... well i actually am done with class, i just have two reviews to go to later today. i might be going shopping later, we'll see.

things are going well. the sun came out today and LA weather has finally returned.
it couldn't be more appropriate :)

ciao loves!
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