bry (quesodecorazon) wrote,



things that infuriate me:

USA Next (a conservative lobbying group) running an ad that showed a soldier with a red X across him, and two gay men kissing at their nuptuals, with the headline "The REAL AARP Agenda." AARP being the American Association of Retired People. UM EXCUSE ME BUT OLD PEOPLE HATE GAYS. newsflash for ya. ahhhhh the propaganda i just cannot take it anymore... swift boats, the payment of journalists, jeff gannon, what the fuck is going on!!!!!

chris webber getting shipped off. for fucking SHITTY PLAYERS!!! FUCKING SHITTY FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the energy bill going through congress trying yet again to open up the alaskan refuge to oil drilling, wind power people, it's possible and cost effective now!

bush laughing about "leaving all options on the table" when dealing with iran... that fucker is gonna bomb the entire world... if he can invade two countries in the three years after 9/11, then don't think we won't have syria and iran by the end of his term.

ANTS!!! everywhere!!! all over my room!!! ahhH!!! i hate ants!

rainy weather in LA, i am not accustomed to such things!!!

things keeping me sane:


desperate housewives

lots of pot

lots of booze too

work, i know that's weird, but i really love all my friends there and seeing them makes me happy.

talking to my mom

knowing i will return to roseville in less than a month! and get to see jeffy and andrew and steph and leo and everyone

peace peeps
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