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warning: sociology ahead

Bob Dylan, Durkheim's conception of the Soul, and Moulin Rouge

I am most moved by music when it touches me, when it reverberates with something i am feeling, when I can connect with it. None of these emotions can be rationally explained, for they just are. Every generation feels their music deeply, and it is because those artists are expressing the same themes that they are feeling.

To me, songs are outlets for our souls: they are mediums through which we idealize sacred ideas or objects and condemn the profane. Dylan has such a mass appeal and has received such acclaim because his songs seem so deep, but ambiguous. This is his intention, he says, "even if I could tell you what the song was about I wouldn't. It's up to the listener to figure out what it means to him." Dylan understands the social function that songs play in our society, they can make us cry, pump us up, cheer us up, whatever we choose. Just as society creates our soul, it is our souls that create meaning from the songs we listen to.

Just as the corrobbori awakens collectivity in Australians ("the various ideas he has elaborated collectively continue to live in his consciousness" 193), songs persist in our minds and our souls, and leave indelible marks on our values and beliefs.

I found this to be resoundingly true in my life, when I first fell in love. I had dreamt of finding the right guy, just knowing it would be perfect, you know all those ideas we grow up believing in. Music served an important function in shaping my ideas of love--I listened to the Postal Service while i was sick in bed for a month non-stop last year... "I want so badly to believe that there is truth, that love is real," i want to take you far from the cynics in this town, and kiss you on the mouth. We'll cut our bodies free from the tethers of the seam, we'll start a brand new colony". Just as Dylan said about Woody Guthrie, "He was saying everything in his songs that I felt but didn't know how to." These songs, along with movies such as Moulin Rouge and Love Actually, made my soul committed to the pursuit of love.

Now, after thinking about what is important to me in my life, I would say the most important thing is love. I'm not religious, I was adopted and am not very close to my parents or family, my national pride is severely hurt when the majority of my fellow Americans consistently think that I should not be allowed to get married, and personal possessions, while nice to have, aren't that important to me (i'm a sociology major, so i'm sure that i will be makin the big bucks and living the high life later on, yeah right). So, i guess i believe in love, and now that i am actually in love, i have found that is a great thing to belive in.

But then again, I guess that these feelings are actually what society has shown my soul, through the music inspired by creativity.
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