bry (quesodecorazon) wrote,

"At one extreme, one finds that the performer can be fully taken in by his own act; he can be sincerely convinced that the impression of reality which he stages is the real reality. When his audience is also convinced in this way about the show he puts on-and this seems to be the typical case- then for the moment at least, only the sociologist or the socially disgruntled will have any doubts about the "realness" of what is presented."
-erving goffman

here's to the socially disgruntled realizing that actual reality has become secondary to the perpetuation of the illusion.

lies, untruths, mistakes, whatever bush calls them, they have been exposed as lies and the senate hasn't done shit with it.

if evidence exists (downing street memos) that the president and his cronies in the WHIG deliberately led the united states into an war through the utilization of false information, why can't they be held responsible?
if evidence exists that the president violated both international law (flouting the geneva conventions) and domestic law (the suspension of habeaus corpeus for his 'unlawful enemy combatants', the circumvention of the FISA court), why won't he be held responsible?

because illusion has become reality folks.

i don't believe in bush.
i don't believe in terrorists.
i don't believe in islam.
i don't believe in america.
i don't believe in optimism.
i don't believe in jesus.
i don't believe in opinion.
i just believe in me.
tom and me.
and that's reality.
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